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Wood-Look Flooring Living Room

5 Wood-Look Flooring Options

Oct 28, 2020

If you love the look of solid hardwood, we’ll let you in on a little secret: you can get that look for about a fraction of the cost. Turns out, there are a few wood-look flooring choices that are affordable, easy to install, minimal in maintenance, and super stylish. So, if you’re looking for a hardwood that fits any of those descriptions, let’s walk through five wood-look options to give your home the style and functionality it deserves.

  1. Wood-Look Laminate

Laminate is one of the most cost-effective alternatives to hardwood. And thanks to its clear protective coating, it’s highly durable. Many laminate manufacturers have developed their styles to have similar hardwood looks and grain patterns—giving you the exact aesthetic you need for much less out of pocket.

Wood-Look Flooring Kitchen

  1. Engineered Hardwood

Engineered hardwood planks are much more durable than hardwood floors. Its top hardwood layer gives you a classic, natural look, coming in a variety of styles—whether you love hickory, oak, or a contemporary gray. Its bottom layers consist of bonded ply to set a strong base structure. This core prevents it from expanding with high temperatures and moisture, and gives your home the durability it needs, even in the most high-traffic areas.

Wood-Look Flooring Large Kitchen

  1. Wood-Look Tile

It’s true. Now you can get the look of hardwood plus the functionality of tile. Perfect for bathrooms and kitchens, wood-look tile allows you to keep your hardwood styles consistent throughout your home, even in areas prone to spills. Tile is resistant to water, heat, and humidity, making it a great stain-resistant option. Plus, it’s durable, inexpensive, and easy to install.

  1. Luxury Vinyl

Luxury vinyl is an increasingly popular hardwood alternative. Its ultra-realistic top layer is printed to display real hardwood and is covered by a clear, protective layer above. Some manufacturers offer luxury vinyl with a textured wear layer that mimics the look of wood grain to make it even more realistic. Luxury vinyl is highly durable and affordable, making it one of the most popular wood-look alternatives out there.

  1. Waterproof Hardwood

Waterproof hardwood is the newest technology in hardwood flooring. It has a genuine hardwood veneer over a luxury vinyl core. The veneer is protected with a clear melamine layer that makes this product completely waterproof. It’s perfect for those high moisture areas that traditional solid hardwood is not recommended for.

Wood-Look Flooring Laundry Area

Looks like wood. Performs like nothing else.

Interested in exploring hardwood alternatives? Then give us a call. Flooring America’s wide selection of hardwood, tile, laminate, and luxury vinyl will help you find the perfect style and level of durability needed for your home, so you can enjoy all the benefits of hardwood, plus performance like nothing else.

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Tying Shoes on Home Gym Floor

What Is the Best Flooring for a Home Gym?

Oct 26, 2020

A home gym is an investment—in yourself, and your home. If you’re ready to dedicate a space in your house to achieve your personal health goals, you need a floor that can help you get there. There are quite a few factors that go into selecting those floors, such as comfort, durability, and, most important, practicality. Check out the strongest contenders for your home gym floors that’ll help you on your journey to getting stronger, too.

Home Gym Mat & Dumbbells


Our most versatile flooring select is rubber. Rubber has great traction to prevent slips or falls, plus it’s sturdy and resilient, making it ideal for any type of exercise equipment. Dropping weights on it is no problem, as impact absorption is extremely high with rubber flooring. It’s stain-resistant, easy to clean, and easy to install. Just lay it right over your current floor. Rubber is a quick, easy, budget-friendly flooring option for your home gym that will allow you to focus on you and your health, rather than your floors.

Rubber Home Gym Flooring

Luxury Vinyl

If you’re looking to turn your home gym into more of a multipurpose space, luxury vinyl is the most practical choice. It’s highly durable, so it can withstand the abuse of a home gym. But, it comes in a variety of different designs, so it can still be comfortable and stylish in any room. Plus, it’s mold, mildew, and moisture-resistant, so it can handle even the most sweaty workout sessions. Which brings us to cleaning. Luxury vinyl can also stand up to harsh chemicals, making it easy to clean and maintain. Luxury vinyl comes in wood-or-tile looks, and you’ll find a variety of styles to match your design preferences.


Perfect for weights, cardio, yoga, and more, carpet is the most popular flooring selection for a home gym. It’s soft on the joints and easy to maintain. Typically, the best carpet for this type of space is a tight loop such as a berber carpet. As with any carpet, regular cleaning is recommended after a few sweat sessions to prevent from bacteria and odors. And, if you’re looking for an even easier carpet solution, check out carpet tiles. You can install them yourself and still get the same great quality and durability as you would with a roll of carpet. Plus, carpet tiles are easily replaced, so, after one too many sit-ups in a single area, you can swap out specific tiles to keep the room feeling fresh and new.

Strong Floors for Your Home Gym

Whether it’s strength training, yoga, cardio, or HIIT, there’s a flooring option for every home gym. Call your local Flooring America today and talk to us about luxury vinyl or carpet, and our experts will direct you to our best selection of floors perfect for the blood, sweat, and tears you put in (hopefully just sweat, though). Your journey to becoming stronger starts with strong floors. So, what are you waiting for? Get started today.

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Turf Outdoor Lawn Area

Why Use Turf for Outdoor Areas?

Oct 23, 2020

Obsessed with your lawn? Frustrated it won’t stay green? We have the key to the ideal outdoor oasis: turf. It’s a great way to enhance your backyard and patio, or even decks and balconies. Check out some of the ways we’ve been loving turf this season, and maybe you’ll find some outdoor inspiration along the way.

All turf. All the way.

Homeowners everywhere are taking advantage of the evergreen qualities of turf landscaping. With turf, having a flawless lawn is simple. No more trips to the garden center, no more aerating, and, our favorite, no more lawn mowing. Just lay down the color and style of turf you like, and your lawn stays perfect all year long. It’s great for kids and pets to play on, and for you to entertain, no matter the occasion.

Beyond the Lawn

Even if you’re not looking to replace your entire lawn with turf landscaping, turf can play a huge role in outdoor entertainment spaces. Many homeowners have taken advantage of turf for walkways. It adds a distinctive element to flower and vegetable garden paths, replacing stepping stones. Others have chosen to cover their concrete patios or pathways to give their space a bright, green look. And even if you don’t want to cover your patio (or balcony!) completely in turf, it adds a striking accent below seating areas or outdoor dining tables to create a more inviting dynamic.

Turf Showing Chair with Beach Background

Recreational Areas

Backyard pickup game? No problem. Turf is the choice for active families looking to open up a space to use strictly for sports. As with most professional teams, turf is the preferred playing surface. It drains quickly and needs only minimal maintenance to remain in good condition, all year round, no matter the activity. Another plus to turf landscaping is that it never requires potentially toxic lawn care chemicals and never produces pollen. So, it’s a nice, safe option for the entire family to enjoy.

Putting Practice

Calling all golf lovers. Turf has been growing in popularity for golfers to get some at-home practice. No matter the size, it’s easy to cut the right putting green for you. You can also take advantage of your yard’s natural slope or undulations to make your green more challenging. We’ve even seen some homeowners build small water features or add various grass styles to simulate fairway conditions. Any way you slice it, turf will both beautify your lawn and help you improve your golf game.

Gloves Lying on Turf

Ready to Accessorize

Because turf is so vibrant and consistent in color, many homeowners are choosing to accent turf with outdoor furniture. Whether it’s the benches of a picnic table, the cushions of an outdoor lounge area, or even an outdoor throw pillow, turf is the perfect backdrop (ground-drop?) for outdoor accents.

The Grass Is Always Greener with Turf

Love a green lawn? Love it all year round with turf. Call your local Flooring America today, and we’ll have our experts ready to talk everything outdoors to make your space the best it can be.

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elegant home office example

Which Flooring Is Best for Your Home Office?

Oct 07, 2020

You’ve been working from home for a while now. And, well, it’s looking like work-from-home may be the new norm. But, with a little love, your home office can still feel like a destination. And every great home office starts with even better floors, so no matter the kind of work you’re doing from home, we’ve gathered our favorite WFH floors to help keep your creativity high and your stress low.


Hardwood is a classic. It’s sleek and sophisticated yet also warm and inviting. Add a bold area rug or let the floors shine alone. Either way, your office will be the clean, calming space you need to settle in and get stuff done. With hardwood, you’ll impress your guests and your business partners (no more virtual backgrounds!), and you’ll be feeling like the CEO of your home in no time.

hardwood home office


Perfect for rolling chairs, working lunches, and coffee spills: tile. Tile is great for the home office as it’s durable and water-resistant, making it an ideal option for frequently used rooms. With tile, you can enjoy a variety of styles and colors. You can even choose tile that looks like hardwood. No matter your vision, tile gets it done. Plus, if you think the kids and pets will be in and out of your office as well, tile just might be your saving grace.

tile home office


When work gets stressful, seek comfort in carpet. Choose from a variety of colors and textures to really make your home office a space that suits you. Even better, it’s comfy underfoot—no need for slippers. Plus, if you’re more into the standing-desk style, what better way to enjoy your workday than with cushy carpet under your feet. You can also find waterproof carpet to ensure that it stays clean for years to come.

carpet home office

Luxury Vinyl

If you’re interested in the look of wood or tile with a low renovation budget, then say hello to luxury vinyl. It’s highly durable, water resistant, and softer underfoot compared to tile and hardwood. Plus, it looks amazing in any room, no matter which style you choose. Spruce it up with a rug and some bold furniture, and your home office will be the perfect space to settle in and stay productive throughout the day.

luxury vinyl home office

A Home Office That Works for You

It’s time to take on that extra room in your house and turn it into your productivity hub, and Flooring America is ready to help. Call your local Flooring America today and talk to us about our selection of hardwood, tile, carpet, and luxury vinyl. We’ll do the work to make it a great office, so you can stay focused on your work, all day long.

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Hardwood Floor for Home Resale Value Example

Increasing Home Resale Value

Sep 30, 2020

Ready to sell? If so, your floors are key to boosting your home’s resale value. Look down. How are they holding up? Sure, you’ve gotten some great years out of this house, but you don’t want it to wear those years on its floors. From the kids and pets to countless holiday parties, your floors have gone through it all. So before you list, check out the most sought-after flooring options for homebuyers to give you the best bang for your buck.

1. Hardwood Floors

Hardwood is one of the best flooring choices for homeowners looking to sell. Nothing can compare to the timeless style of hardwood floors. Homebuyers are attracted to the classic, natural look of hardwood. Plus, some hardwood has the ability to be refinished time and time again, allowing the homebuyer to make it their own. Depending on your home’s style, there’s a hardwood size and species to truly add to your home’s charm.

Hardwood Floor Kitchen Example

2. Waterproof Floors

There’s nothing that appeals to families more than waterproof floors. Waterproof floors combine beauty with practicality—ideal for kids, pets, and the entire family. Plus, you’re not limited with these floors. Choose from tile, waterproof hardwood, luxury vinyl, and carpet. Yep. Even waterproof carpet. That’ll turn heads during your first showing. Homebuyers will be thrilled to walk into a low-maintenance, durable home, perfect for every family.

Waterproof Carpet Living Room Example

3. Laminate Floors

If you’re not looking to invest in hardwood, laminate is a nice low-budget alternative. Laminate can imitate the beauty and charm of real hardwood at a reduced cost. Made with resin and fiberboard material, laminate’s imprinted image of wood is highly realistic. Homebuyers will love it. It’s low-maintenance and highly durable. Plus, it’s resistant to scratches and stains thanks to new technologies. So, for homebuyers with pets, check!

Laminate Hardwood Bedroom Flooring Example

4. Luxury Vinyl Floors

Affordable. Durable. Easy. Three words to describe luxury vinyl. Wow homebuyers with the look of wood or stone without overspending. Luxury vinyl is long-lasting, resistant to moisture, and easy to maintain. It looks great and performs better, a homebuyers dream.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring Living Room Example

Increasing Your Home's Resale Value Through Flooring

If you’re ready to sell, get your home in shape. Call your local Flooring America today and talk to us about our hardwood, carpet, laminate, and luxury vinyl options. Get your home ready before you list, so you’ll be the house with the beautiful floors at the top of everyone’s minds.

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Interior Design Trend 2020 Living Room Example

Top Interior Design Trends for Fall 2020

Sep 28, 2020

Fall is always the perfect time for a reset. The weather is changing. School’s starting up again. What a perfect time for a re-boot and a refresh. Thankfully, there's a lot of exciting new home design styles to get inspired by this year, so take a look below at some of the most inspiring design trends we’ve seen popping up in 2020, and let the home makeover begin.

Go Boldly

Boldness is in. Whether it’s a colorful and unexpected wallpaper popping up in a bedroom, a monochromatic living room scheme (think a navy couch, a navy wall, and a navy carpet) or an over-the-top light fixture, more is more. What if you went with a living room carpet in a more colorful hue? Or, try the other route: perhaps a classic wood floor will allow you to go bolder with the rest of your interior design?

Bold Living Room Interior Design Example

Get Cozy

Inviting communal rooms are a key trend for 2020—which is not too surprising, considering that many of us are spending more time than ever indoors. Living rooms filled with comfortable couches and chairs, all kinds of blankets and throws, and peaceful lighting are popping up everywhere. Who doesn’t want to curl up with a good book in a cozy and inviting family room? A soft carpet that’s a dream to walk on can really add to the ambience, too.

Cozy Living Room Interior Design Example

A New Kind of Kitchen

A new trend that is popping up on our radar? Kitchens with darker or more colorful accents. Think grey painted cabinets and black countertops. Many of these more colorful (and dare we say atmospheric) kitchens tend to pair really nicely with lighter wood floors, so if you’re thinking of re-doing your kitchen and giving it a more sophisticated, understated look, why not take a look at upgrading your floors with some lighter tones.

Hardwood Flooring Kitchen Example

Bedroom Bliss

Peaceful, bedroom sanctuaries continue to be on everyone’s mind when it comes to 2020 interior design trends. Whether it’s deciding to upgrade your bedding to the softest sheets or duvet you can find, or finding a new piece of art you love to hang over the headboard, having your bedroom be your favorite room in the house means a better night’s sleep, and a more calming morning. And whether you’re the kind of person who loves the look of a series of funky rugs placed down on a hardwood floor, or, you’d rather step out of bed each morning onto a plush carpet, why not do some daydreaming to think about what kind of floor you would want in your perfect bedroom.

Hardwood Flooring Bedroom Example

Top Interior Design Trends for Fall 2020

This fall it’s all about going bold—and feeling good. Flooring America is here to keep your home up-to-date with the latest interior design trends. So give us a call today to talk about all of our options for hardwood, luxury vinyl, laminate, carpet and more. Your new and improved home will thank you.

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